Privacy Notice

The Privacy policy enlists the scope of the company and user information usage policies. The Privacy Policy, mentioned here, may or may not change at its own discretion, without notifying the users. Please be posted on the Terms and Conditions page to keep yourself updated on the terms and conditions binding the brand.

  1. The Company secures the right to ask its users basic information regarding the user which would be crucial during the time of registration. Such information can be in the form of Name, Address, Contact Information, Age, DOB, and other relevant information. The user secures the right to independently deny the request for information sharing, which might hinder the user from using the scope and services of the Company further.
  2. “Real Money” in the website is referred to the money held in the user’s account which can be withdrawn at his own discretion. The Company may ask the user for relevant financial information, in the form of, Bank Details, Contact Number, Form of Payment, Form of Payment receiving, and more. This is done to ensure Real Money involved in the games are transacted perfectly and the user gets his/her due commission effortlessly. The user secures the right to deny information sharing, an act that might hinder the user from using the scope of the Company’s services further.
  3. The Company promises to safeguard the security of information shared by the user to the company and promises not to engage in third-party intrusions altogether. Information shared is strictly confidential and is kept discreetly, away from third-party users.
  4. The Website may have third-party links in it. Any link or page directing you out of the website is in no way in correlation with the website. Any decision, transaction, or service outside the scope of the website is at the sole discretion of the user and the user itself. The Company is not liable for any actions presided outside the boundaries of the website. The Company neither encourages and supports, not denies or prevents business possibilities of the third party link. The Company, however, does not take any responsibility for the same.