Three water-saving tips to try at home

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Do you know how much water you use daily?

According to Water UK, 46% of people believe their household uses 20 litres of water day, but it’s actually almost 142 litres per person.

This is a major problem, because according to non-profit organisation Waterwise, many parts of the UK will face significant water deficits by 2050. And we’re starting to see the effects of this now – in July 2021, the Environmental Agency reported that 15 out of the 23 water companies operating in areas of England are rated as being under ‘serious’ stress.

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Know how much water you’re really using

Figure out your water habits. Do you leave the tap running when you brush your teeth? How often do you have a bath? Can you have shorter showers?

Waterwise suggests that power showers use around 15 litres of water per minute, which means a 10-minute shower uses up to 150 litres of water.

Use a cup of water when brushing your teeth

Waterwise suggests that a running tap wastes around 6 litres per minute.

When you brush your teeth, instead of leaving the tap running, why not fill a small reusable cup with water to rinse your mouth with?

Time your showers

Get a simple timer and time how long you run water during your morning routine.

The average shower usually lasts for eight minutes however a five-minute shower is adequate. By spending even at least one minute less in the shower, you can save a great amount of water.

The Energy Saving Trust suggests that spending one minute less in the shower each day could save £10 off your energy bills each year. If you have a water meter, you could save a further £17 off water and sewerage bills. And if everybody in your household stuck to a four minute shower, you could save up to £35 on energy bills and around £60 on metered water and sewerage bills every year.

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